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European bank Dexia brought down by euro debt crisis

Oct 4, 2011
Europe has been worried about the banking system being hurt by the bad debt of countries like Greece, Spain, and Italy. Now the bank Dexia is being propped-up by the governments of France and Belgium.
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German leaders saw advantage in passing bailout fund

Sep 29, 2011
The European Union leaders had decided on a bailout plan to save their economy, but it had to wait for the German parliament to ratify the deal. That was not set in stone.

European Commission head delivers speech on state of EU

Sep 28, 2011
Jose Manuel Barroso spoke today on the state of the European Union, promoting a new formal tax proposal and calling for greater unity amongst the countries in this time of struggle.

Greek prime minister in Germany to garner support for bailout

Sep 27, 2011
Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou visits Germany today, in an effort to convince Chancellor Angela Merkel -- and the German people -- that Greece deserves another chance.

Possible euro debt solution: Partial Greek default, $3 trillion bailout

Sep 26, 2011
Reports are leaking out of Europe today that a possible large-scale plan to solve the debt crisis in Europe is taking shape. The plan could include a multi-trillion dollar bailout.

A surprise reaction to Federal Reserve monetary stimulus

Sep 22, 2011
The Federal Reserve announced its plan of attack yesterday to help stimulate the economy. So why are global markets reacting so negatively?

Dutch tulips held hostage in Romania

Sep 20, 2011
Romanian officials have seized truckloads of Dutch tulips at the border this week, claiming they could be contaminated with a dangerous bacteria. It turns out, much more than flowers are at stake.
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Greek debt crisis nearing critical moment

Sep 19, 2011
The Greek finance minister spoke out today against the potential for unfair treatment by other European officials as his country's debt crisis worsens.

Developing BRICS countries less affected by European downturn

Sep 16, 2011
The global economy we live with today means that when Europe hurts, we all hurt. But developing nations like Brazil are hit much less hard these days than the U.S.

U.K. seeks to reform date stamps on food packaging

Sep 15, 2011
In the U.K., families throw away over 5 million tons of perfectly good food every year. The U.K. government thinks "sell-by" dates are to blame.
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