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Berlusconi departure won't be a quick fix for Italian economy

Nov 8, 2011
If Silvio Berlusconi is removed from power, it will certainly mark the end of an Italian political era, but it may not do much for the current financial crisis.

Olympus comes clean after decades of hiding losses

Nov 8, 2011
Japanese camera company Olympus has been hiding its financial losses for years by inflating fees to advisers.
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Auto, computer industries feel impact of Thailand floods

Nov 7, 2011
The floods in Thailand have not ended yet, and already computer makers are worried about a lack of parts for the upcoming Christmas season.

Eyes on the IMF for aid in European debt crisis

Nov 4, 2011
As the G20 summit comes to a close, it is now increasingly possible that Greece might leave the eurozone. Some are looking to the IMF to prevent further damage to the region's economy.

New law in Cuba could help ease housing shortage

Nov 3, 2011
Reports are out that Cuban citizens can now buy and sell property for the first time since the country's Communist revolution.

Crisis means less for traders and shoppers

Nov 2, 2011
The U.K. isn't in the eurozone, but the effects of the euro crisis are hitting London's street markets, and the wallets of the people who shop there.
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Poll: Optimism prevails in emerging economies

Nov 2, 2011
A new BBC poll shows that while people in developed countries have a negative outlook for the future, those in the developing world are much more optimistic.

Africa's European problem

Nov 2, 2011
African nations with trading relationships with Europe are troubled by the eurozone crisis, but the biggest casualty could be African monetary union.

Seven years of lean

Nov 2, 2011
PIMCO's Bill Gross says it took us more than seven years to get into this mess, and it'll take just as long to get out of it.
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Argentina's post-default recovery

Nov 2, 2011
Argentina defaulted on its debt in 2002. A decade later, the country is back on its feet, thanks in no small part to the lowly soy bean.