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President Obama signed the debt deal -- but that can't fix the economy

Aug 3, 2011
Deep spending cuts could hamper economic growth, and some analysts say the debt deal may actually spook investors, rather than reassure them

Past the debt crisis -- what now?

Aug 2, 2011
The debt limit crisis may be over for now, but where does that leave the U.S. economy? Can Wall Street have confidence in U.S. credit again, and are we in a double-dip recession?
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Where's the debt ceiling after-party?

Aug 2, 2011
Analyst Juli Niemann explains that the U.S. Congress says it made tough choices -- without actually having made all those tough choices.

The debt ceiling and student loans: How the deal could affect your education

Aug 2, 2011
Some of the federal savings will come at the expense of graduate students who are losing a subsidized loan program which doesn't charge them any interest until months after they graduate.
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After debt drama, Putin calls U.S. a "parasite"

Aug 2, 2011
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is "living beyond its means" and world should move away from U.S. dollar as reserve currency.
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What happens to a country after a debt downgrade?

Aug 2, 2011
In Japan, a debt downgrade meant a generation of workers struggled to break away from hourly work to get into the more stable, salaried work-force.
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Hours before the debt deal vote, how are conservative Republicans in the House feeling?

Aug 1, 2011
The proposal announced late yesterday calls for big cuts over the next decade, including nearly $2.5 trillion to defense and entitlement programs

How do you calculate a spending cut?

Aug 1, 2011
Voting gets underway today on a plan to raise the nation's debt ceiling. The proposal calls for $2.4 trillion in cuts over the next decade, including to defense and entitlement programs.
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Debt ceiling plan hits defense budget

Aug 1, 2011
The tentative debt plan initially cuts over $350 billion from the Pentagon's budget -- and more cuts could come eventually

Economic recovery stalls, but now cuts could be coming

Aug 1, 2011
Economist Julia Coronado says jobs and economic data indicate the economy needs help -- not cuts. But despite the headwinds, economy is not heading to recession.



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