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For saving more and spending less

Jan 27, 2012
This week's young winners are making sound money decisions with their New Year's lai see.
Posted In: Savings, kids, children

For saving for her own future

Jan 20, 2012
This week's piggy is going to a mother who spent her money to keep her daughter happy.
Posted In: children, Savings, Retirement

End of a long, dry spell

Jan 13, 2012
This week's Marketplace Piggy is headed to Livingston, Mont., where James Willish, 35, is working again after 44 months of unemployment.
Posted In: Unemployment, Jobs, Savings

Piggy Bank Award: Financially planning a windfall

Jan 6, 2012
We congratulate a man who decided to squirrel away his Lotto winnings until he finished drafting a sound financial plan for his millions rather than spending it on the high life.
Posted In: Lotto, millionaire, financial planning

Piggy Bank Award: For a year of sound advice

Dec 16, 2011
We gathered our regular personal finance advisers to give the gift of saving.

Piggy Bank Award: For making it work

Dec 1, 2011
This week's winner learned some valuable lessons on money-making and management while her husband was unemployed for eight months -- and came out of it credit card debt free.

Piggy Bank Award: Dumpster diving for diamonds and platinum

Nov 18, 2011
A husband slogs through a dumpster to recover a lot of monetary and sentimental value.

Piggy Bank Award: Teaching the true cost of college

Nov 5, 2011
We are rewarding a math teacher today for helping her students understand the costs of college attendance.
Posted In: Education

Piggy Bank Award: Girl Scouts are getting more money smart

Oct 22, 2011
This week's piggy is going to the Girl Scouts of America headquarters to commend them for pushing financial literacy as a necessary skill.

Piggy Bank Award: For a stable 'micro-economy'

Oct 14, 2011
This week's piggy is awarded to a couple who made smart money decisions for their own "micro-economy."
Posted In: Personal Finance


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