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TEPCO's radioactive water dump raises food safety concerns

Apr 5, 2011
Tokyo Electric Power Co. is dumping millions of gallons of radioactive water from its crippled Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant into the ocean. Now, for the first time, contamination levels in fish are exceeding health guidelines.

Sarkozy visits Japan, urges nuclear safety review

Mar 31, 2011
As Sarkozy visits, experts from France -- a major exporter of nuclear technology -- help Japan deal with contamination at the damaged Fukushima plant.

Auto disruptions from Japan quake spread

Mar 30, 2011
Beyond car production curbs, Toyota tells American dealers limit orders of replacement parts, potentially lengthening repair times for existing cars.
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Japanese supply chain's missing links

Mar 24, 2011
Japan's earthquake and tsunami disrupted the supply chains of hundreds of companies. Business in the U.S. have been affected too.

U.S. aid to Japan may help improve ties between nations

Mar 23, 2011
Japan's government is estimating this month's earthquake and tsunami could cost as much as $309 billion, more than twice the cost of Hurricane Katrina. And the U.S. military is spending a lot trying to help.

American meat and vegetables could be a hot commodity in Japan

Mar 22, 2011
Food safety concerns means the Japanese could import more produce and meat products from the U.S., despite Japan's protectionist agriculture policy.
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Japan tourism hit by earthquake, nuclear leak

Mar 22, 2011
Tourism brings billions of dollars annually to Japan, but many visitors are staying away after the recent earthquake, tsunami and nuclear leak.

Japan power company has troubled history

Mar 22, 2011
Even before the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant was already one of the most trouble-prone facilities in the country. But as problems continue, many look to plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company's questionable history.

In Japan, Fukushima reactor sparks food fears

Mar 21, 2011
Some Tokyo restaurants find customers fear radiation may have contaminated food from the region near the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant.

Japanese food brands could be harmed by radiation fears

Mar 21, 2011
The World Health Organization is reporting today there's a serious risk of food radiation in Japan. While the reports show only small amounts of radiation, many analysts are concerned the growing fear could further harm the fragile economy.



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