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White House announces $1.1 trillion in budget cuts

Feb 14, 2011
President Obama has released his budget proposal for next year's federal spending plan. The plan includes $1.1 trillion in cuts over the next decade. But Republicans already are saying Obama's plan doesn't cut it.

Energy innovation on the budget chopping block

Feb 14, 2011
A cornerstone of President Obama's agenda meets GOP resistance today in Washington, D.C. Scott Tong reports on opposition to clean energy funding.

House GOP calls for $100 billion spending cut

Feb 12, 2011
Tea Party members got the upper hand today. The House Appropriations Committee now wants $100 billion in spending cuts over what President Obama requested for 2011.

Diane Swonk: Budget cuts in Washington

Feb 10, 2011
Republicans on Wednesday announced a plan to save $35 billion by eliminating dozens of federal programs and cutting funding from others. Jeremy Hobson speaks with Diane Swonk, chief economist of Mesirow Financial, about the proposed budget cuts.

Obama wants to snip discretionary spending

Jan 26, 2011
President Obama proposes budget cuts of $400 billion over a decade. Senator Rand Paul proposes cuts of half a trillion in a year. Cutting what's realistic is the issue.


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