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The Recession's Consumer Paradox

Aug 23, 2011
David Brancaccio was in Los Angeles last week to guest host Marketplace Money. The theme: Borrow or spend? If we don't spend, life gets drained...
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Bad credit could hurt your job search

Aug 19, 2011
Some recruiters are now choosing to check applicants' credit reports, and it could make a difference whether or not you land that job
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Spending vs. savings during these unnerving times

Aug 19, 2011
Into the teeth of this economic gale, I had to make quite a spending decision this week. It wasn't a frivolous purchase - not the $5,000 carbon-f...
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Why the rich are investing in 'family offices'

Aug 8, 2011
A 'family office' is an investment vehicle that deals with the money of a single family, allowing the wealthy investors to avoid a lot of disclosure and regulation
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How is your credit report affecting your employment?

Jul 26, 2011
A study by the Society for Human Resource Management found that over 60 percent of employers used credit reports in deciding whether to hire...
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DC walking tour: The CFPB friends and foes

Jul 21, 2011
Economy 4.0's David Brancaccio takes us to the government institutions that can help -- and hurt -- the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Alternative Indicator: The G(raffiti)DP

Jul 20, 2011
The numbers are bad: Unemployment is at 9.2% after rising for three straight months. Goldman Sachs cut its GDP growth forecast from 2% down to 1....
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Storming the Capital: A CFPB Walking Tour

Jul 20, 2011
David Brancaccio travels to Washington to see the institutions interested in the powerful new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau....
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Separate and unequal economies in the Arab world

Jun 23, 2011
Separate economic systems are meant to spur investment and foreign entrepreneurialism. But the Arab economic model may in fact be holding economies back.

A New Oprah Rising in the Middle East

Jun 23, 2011
This may come as a surprise, but television designed to make the world a better place is still possible. Amira Al Fadl is a charismatic interview...
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