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How do we measure standards of living?

Oct 14, 2010
Are regular economic indicators still the best way to measure our economy? In our latest Economy 4.0 report, David Brancaccio investigates into why alternative indicators might be moving into the mainstream.
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Tunnel Vision

Oct 13, 2010
Zombie Tunnel, Breezewood, Pennsylvania. (David Brancaccio, 2010)...
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The Surprise Economic Diversity of Boulder County, Colorado

Oct 13, 2010
Let's play match the coffee shop with the town in which it is located. Both coffee shops are in Boulder County, Colorado, northwest of Denver....
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Alternative Indicator: Brought to You by Google

Oct 12, 2010
Using its massive collection of e-shopping data, Google is working on an index that accounts for a daily measure of inflation. What is it? Ther...
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Alternative Indicator: The Happy Planet Index

Oct 7, 2010
The ambitious Happy Planet Index hopes to bring the lives of everyone on the planet into a perspective that balances what's most important to our...
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The Thing About Tulips

Oct 6, 2010
Overflowing Flowers, Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington. (David Brancaccio 2010)...
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Alternative Indicator: The Human Development Index

Oct 5, 2010
Reminding us that, at the very least, our species is still developing, the Human Development Index attempts to rate and rank countries according ...
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How Basel III will affect bankers and consumers

Sep 30, 2010
David Brancaccio looks how decisions made by the world's central banks will affect business owners and lenders.
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How is Basel III going over so far?

Sep 30, 2010
David Brancaccio has been studying new international banking rules as part of a new beat on Marketplace called "Economy 4.0," about tracking efforts to re-engineer the financial system. He talks with Bill Radke about how the new "Basel III" rules work and how experts feel about them.
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Basel III: The effects on bankers and consumers

Sep 30, 2010
Think for a second about the global economy -- in particular, the financial system -- and then ask yourself this question: Does it work? Does the...
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