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Banks that support communities

Nov 18, 2010
Economy 4.0's David Brancaccio looks at how community banks help communities and an idea on how governments can better support them.
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Britain to introduce 'happiness index'

Nov 18, 2010
Happiness -- being subjective and all -- isn't the easiest thing to measure. But Britain is about to try. The nation announced it will execute a happiness index, asking citizens about their well-being, to be released alongside other economic indices. Economy 4.0's David Brancaccio talks about the details.

Happy Daze

Nov 17, 2010
There is word that Britain's center-right coalition government wants to make the happiness and well-being of the British public part of the...
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On the Air: Postcards from Main Street

Nov 17, 2010
I figure there are two distinct ways to learn about the economy of the future. One way is to take a visit to Wall Street: either the actual stre...
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Back Toward the Gold Standard?

Nov 9, 2010
It is one thing when a newbie politician like incoming Kentucky Senator Rand Paul calls for a return to the gold standard. It is more of a shock ...
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Alternative Indicator: The Big Mac Index

Nov 9, 2010
A Big Mac can do much more than satiate our appetite for burgers that require three pieces of bread: it can give us a lens through which to compa...
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Income inequality pushes U.S. down in well-being ranking

Nov 4, 2010
Which are the best-off and the worst-off countries? The United Nations released its latest Human Development Index. It's a ranking of well-being across the globe and the United States is getting a demotion. As Economy 4.0 correspondent David Brancaccio reports, we are getting dinged for our economic inequality.
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On the Air: Poverty in the Next Dimension

Nov 4, 2010
Occam's Razor is the principle that the simplest explanation is tends to be the best. When it comes to measuring severe deprivation around the wo...
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Alternative Indicator: The Misery Index

Nov 3, 2010
Want to see just how half-empty your country's economic glass is? It's as simple as calculating the Misery Index....
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Consumer bureau may ask citizens to be whistleblowers

Oct 30, 2010
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is starting to get organized, and it may begin to look toward citizens to help it out. It's a crowd-sourcing idea -- with people using online technology to report wrongdoings.
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