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Freakonomics: Fetal genetic testing raises big questions

Aug 23, 2011
Freakonomics correspondent Stephen Dubner explains the unexpected consequences of predetermining your baby's genetics.
Posted In: Health

Freakonomics: Why are we so bad at predicting the future?

Aug 9, 2011
People make a lot of money making predictions, so why are they so rarely right? Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner talks about accountability in fortune telling.

Freakonomics: Death on payday?

Jul 26, 2011
Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner explains his findings on the connection between paydays and mortality rates, which may make you rethink about spending your paycheck right away.
Posted In: Personal Finance

Freakonomics: How does a company bounce back after controversy?

Jul 12, 2011
Bad things happen in business. So how do firms bounce back and keep reputations intact?
Posted In: Food

Freakonomics: When it's good to quit

Jun 28, 2011
Society often considers quitting as failure, but Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner argues we should think more about the upsides to giving up.
Posted In: Sports

Freakonomics: How much influence does a parent have on a child's education?

Jun 14, 2011
A look into the overall influence parents might have on their kids' collegiate futures.
Posted In: Education

Freakonomics: The legality of online poker

May 31, 2011
Debating the legality and morality of online poker. Does it pass the "daughter test"? And does the government play a personal role in the decision of whether to outlaw it?
Posted In: Crime

Freakonomics: Why bounty hunters catch more fugitives than police officers

May 17, 2011
Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner discusses the difference between bounty hunters and police officers that really matters when it comes to catching fugitives.
Posted In: Crime

Freakonomics: Is handing down a business good for business?

May 3, 2011
Family-firm succession is alive and well. But is it good for profits? Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner takes a look at why it happens -- and why it doesn't happen so much in the U.S.
Posted In: Jobs

Freakonomics: Saving the environment, or just showing off?

Apr 19, 2011
Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner talks about the idea of "conspicuous conservation," where people indulge in certain earth-saving acts as a way to show off that they care about the environment, and in turn, benefit socially.
Posted In: Environment



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