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What the fiscal cliff could mean for individual taxpayers

Aug 9, 2012
We've talked about the possible effects of the fiscal cliff on the economy, but there will be immediate and duplicate consequences for individuals too.
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From banker to janitor -- all in a day's work

Aug 1, 2012
To get herself out of debt, one banker had to take a very different kind of job.
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The drought to affect prices at the supermarket

Jul 25, 2012
Expect the prices for meat and dairy goods to rise as the Midwest drought continues.
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A new cop on the credit reporting beat

Jul 18, 2012
New government oversight could give consumers more power.
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U.S. teens: 'Dude, what's a debit card?'

Jul 17, 2012
A quarter of U.S. teens don’t know the difference between debit and credit, according to a new survey by ING DIRECT USA. Give your teen a reality check with expert advice.
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Sorry ladies, it's a 'man-covery'

The Los Angeles times reports that the jobs recovery is serving men more than women. Since the recession ended in 2009, 80 percent of the 2.6 million net jobs created have gone to men:

One reason: Male-dominated manufacturing, which experienced sharp layoffs during the recession, has rebounded in recent years, while government, where women hold the majority of jobs, has continued to be hit hard.

But there's something else at work. Men are grabbing a bigger share of jobs in areas, such as retail sales, that typically have been the province of women, federal data show.

Jul 16, 2012

Money Matters: Estate Planning Checklist

This weekend on Marketplace Money, Jill Schlesinger, editor-at-large at CBS, joined us on the programm to answer some personal finance questions, including the best approach to dealing with your aging parents' estate. If this is you, don't miss Jill's must-read estate-planning checklist, which itemizes all of the documents you'll need.

Jul 13, 2012

The costs of taking care of an elderly relative

Jul 11, 2012
Taking a look at how to provide for an elderly relative who is having trouble taking care of himself or herself.
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Second cheapest wine

How much do you spend on a bottle of wine?? We recently examined what goes in to pricing a bottle of wine on Marketplace Money and you might be surprised to learn that it's not all about taste and quality, there supply and demand, the quality of the glass used to make the bottle, the lable, and of course the cost of labor back at the vinyard. But nothing captures the zeitgeist of wine pricing today than this recent video from the sketch comedy website


Jul 10, 2012

Money Matters: Beware the 'financial adviser'

Important read in today's issue of The New York Times by sometimes Marketplace Money contributor Tara Siegel Bernard: A Fancy Financial Adviser Title Does Not Ensure High Standards.

For more on the differernce between what Bernard describes as a "glorified salesman pushing a particular fund" vs. "a true investment adviser who is required to act in your best interest" watch Paddy Hirsch explain the role of a fiduciary in his Whiteboard explainer.

Jul 7, 2012



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