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A growing controversy over 'chateau' wine label

Sep 25, 2012
European wine experts are mulling over a critical issue today: whether American wine producers should be allowed to use the word "chateau" on bottles they sell in Europe.
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How packaging impacts what beverages we buy

Sep 24, 2012
A familiar scenario: You're thirsty. You walk into the store to buy something to drink. But you're not exactly sure what you want, and you're inundated with choices.
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Milk consumption at lowest in decades

Sep 6, 2012
Americans are drinking less milk as sports drinks, water and other beverages pour it on.
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As apps rise in popularity, will cookbooks fall out of favor?

Sep 3, 2012
With so many ways to find recipes and cooking tips these days, many food enthusiasts wonder if cookbooks will go the way of the dodo.
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What to expect in the new school lunches

Jul 26, 2012
Your family might still be enjoying a summer diet of backyard barbeques and trips to Dairy Queen, but pretty soon kids will be back in school. And they could be facing a much different school lunch than they used to.
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Heineken bids on Southeast Asian brewer

Jul 20, 2012
Heineken has offered $6 billion to buy Asia Pacific Breweries, which makes Tiger beer. Their giant bid was meant to elbow out a play by a billionaire from Thailand and get a stronger hold on the Southeast Asian market.
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Taco Bell goes gourmet

Jul 5, 2012
Call it “the Chipotle effect,” but more and more fast food joints are going upscale.
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Taco Bell unleashes more expensive menu items

Jul 5, 2012
Forget fourth meal -- now Taco Bell is serving up new menu items that seemingly aim to compete with Chipotle. Will the strategy really work?
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The newest pizza wars

Jun 20, 2012
Big pizza chains like Domino's and Papa John's have banned together in a coalition called The American Pizza Community to stop proposed calorie-labeling regulations.
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Popcorn subsidy up for debate in Farm Bill

Jun 15, 2012
An amendment in the current Farm Bill would keep government protection for popcorn crops. Popcorn is a tiny kernel in U.S. agriculture, but without the subsidy prices of your favorite movie snack could rise.
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