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Fashion stores go mobile in Portland

Feb 10, 2011
Portland, Ore. has a reputation for mobile food carts. But now you'll find trailers and buses selling clothes and fashion accessories.
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Paying for transportation with public-private partnerships

Jan 12, 2011
Congress has budget-cutting on its agenda, and funding for big transportation and infrastructure projects could be in danger. Some are advocating for public-private partnerships, where the private sector would play a major role in helping out.
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Shipping overseas through the Great Lakes

Jan 3, 2011
When you're in the middle of the United States, shipping to international markets can at first seem slow and expensive. But the nearby Great Lakes is actually turning out to be an emerging shipping center. Dan Bobkoff reports.

New Yorkers debate over increasing number of bike lanes

Dec 30, 2010
Bikes are environmentally friendly -- given they're powered by your own energy -- but it's tough for traditionally auto-based cities to transition into a more bike-based one. Andrea Bernstein reports on the current bike lane debate going on in New York City.
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How viable is high-speed rail in California?

Nov 10, 2010
Los Angeles to San Francisco in less than three hours? You could with high-speed rail. Reporter Casey Miner takes a look at the obstacles and the potential benefits of the high-speed rail project in the Golden State.
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High speed rails could ask planes and trains to work together

Nov 10, 2010
As we wrap up our series on the future of transportation, Alex Goldmark explains the benefit of high speed railroads, and their relationship with the airline industry.
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Leading the (electric) charge in Houston

Nov 10, 2010
Houston, Texas, is usually better known as a capital of Big Oil. But things may be changing. Wendy Siegle reports on the city's efforts to become a leader in the electric car race.
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Rapid bus transit a cheaper alternative to rail

Nov 9, 2010
Demand for public transportation is rising, but transit authorities across the nation are facing budget cuts. Many cities are testing rapid transit buses, which are hundreds of millions of dollars cheaper than rail lines. Reporter Dan Bobkoff takes a ride on Cleveland's HealthLine Rapid Transit Bus.
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The easier, safer rides of the future

Nov 8, 2010
The Department of Transportation is funding research to build "intelligent" cars that can warn you of potential accidents and suggest less-congested routes. Reporter Andrea Bernstein takes a ride in a few prototypes.
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"Congestion pricing" could be the future of transportation financing

Nov 8, 2010
As cars get more fuel efficient, and transit becomes a better option, the amount of gasoline tax the government collects gets smaller and smaller. Cathy Duchamp has more.



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