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European debt crisis hasn't gone away

Apr 11, 2012
Recent turmoil in global markets is partly due to worries over Europe's debt crisis. Elections scheduled in France and Greece add to the uncertainty.
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Is the European debt crisis resurfacing?

Apr 5, 2012
There are some economic headwinds blowing strong right now. And one of them is coming from Spain where a disappointing bond auction yesterday sent government borrowing costs to a 5 month high and renewed fears about the European Debt Crisis.
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How much of a financial bazooka does Europe need?

Mar 30, 2012
European finance ministers are meeting in Denmark today. They're reportedly adding $670 billion to their bailout fund. Ministers have been trying to figure out how big of a financial bazooka they need to defend Europe from speculators.
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U.S. warns Europe on 'draconian' austerity

Mar 20, 2012
Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner testifies on Capitol Hill Tuesday about the European Debt crisis, urging European countries to avoid 'draconian' budget cuts that could make matters worse.
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Greek PM: We're on our way to economic recovery

Mar 19, 2012
Lucas Papademos says the majority of Greeks are knuckling down to the agreed budget cuts and economic reforms as the country's second financial bailout sets in.
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No riots, but Ireland feels the pain of austerity

Mar 15, 2012
Ireland is tackling its debt crisis with a harsh program of austerity measures. The Irish are not rioting, as the Greeks did, but they are hurting.
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The next crisis in Europe?

Mar 8, 2012
If Greece will soon be out of the woods, at least temporarily, other European nations are still at risk of financial collapse.
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Parish priest in Ireland reflects on country's bailout

Mar 6, 2012
After 15 years of the "Celtic Tiger," Ireland has faced rough financial times in recent years. But can Greece and other European countries learn a thing or two from its experience?
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Greece reaches austerity deal

Feb 9, 2012
Greek leaders have agreed on a new austerity plan. What will the ripples be throughout the rest of the European economy?
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German leader Merkel seeks support from China

Feb 2, 2012
German chancellor Angela Merkel is in China this week, telling Chinese leaders that European Union plans to solve its debt crisis can work.
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