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European workers protest budget cuts

Sep 29, 2010
Labor strikes are occurring across Europe over government budget cuts in several different countries. Labor unions are worried about job and pay cuts as a result of deficit reduction measures by their governments. Europe correspondent Stephen Beard talks the details with Steve Chiotakis.

Germans feel burden of Europe's debt

Jul 1, 2010
German exports have surged this year compared to 2009, business confidence is up, and several think-tanks have raised the country's growth forecasts. So German policymakers and economists are cautiously optimistic. But the little guy isn't feeling as good. Why? Kyle James reports.

More Greek strikes may hurt tourism

Jun 29, 2010
Greek unions are staging their fifth general strike of the year. The 24-hour stoppage has hit the country's largest port, raising fears about Greece's most important industry. Stephen Beard reports.

Debt crisis shows flaws in euro system

Jun 17, 2010
European correspondent Stephen Beard talks with Bob Moon about why the financial plight of a few European countries is calling the whole euro system into doubt, and how likely it is that some countries might pull out from the eurozone.

Italians fear they may be next to fall

Jun 16, 2010
Back when the euro was just getting going, nobody was very worried about Spain or Greece. Italy was the weak link in the common currency. Now, ten years later, Italy could still turn out to be the eurozone's biggest liability. Christopher Werth reports.

Debt crisis tests Spaniards' faith in euro

Jun 15, 2010
In Spain, the countries largest unions are protesting over plans to reform the country's labor laws. But the government has been forced to take these measures by fellow members of the eurozone. Stephen Beard reports.

China invests in Greek shipping industry

Jun 15, 2010
Chinese officials in Athens are expected to announce the first of several investments in Greece's shipping and transportation sectors, which could be worth several billion dollars.

Greece cracks down on tax evaders

Jun 11, 2010
Greece wants to crack down on its notorious tax dodgers to help its bottom line in dire times.
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Eurozone advances on spending cuts

May 27, 2010
Spanish lawmakers have decided to make substantial cuts in public spending. Italy has also signed off on its own series of spending cuts.

Geithner in U.K., Germany to target Europe debt crisis

May 26, 2010
U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner starts two days of meetings in London, Berlin and Frankfurt today as credit woes begin to mount throughout Europe.



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