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Italians react to Mario Monti's austerity plan

Dec 5, 2011
After months of protest, it appears Italians may finally be ready to work with the government to fix the nation's crumbling economy.
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Europeans 'getting their hands dirty' solving debt problem

Dec 5, 2011
News from Europe today shows positive steps towards solving the debt crisis, on the micro and macro level.
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Germany, France moot tougher EU budget rules

Dec 5, 2011
Merkel and Sarkozy propose amending the European Union treaty to impose budget discipline on spendthrift countries. Will markets be satisfied?
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How Asia sees Europe's debt crisis

Dec 5, 2011
Over the past decade, Asia has grown more powerful economically, but the woes of a major export destination and finance source worry the Asians.
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Will European debt crisis sandbag U.S. economy?

Dec 2, 2011
Despite signs the recovery is gaining steam, trouble in the eurozone could sap demand for U.S. exports.
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Angela Merkel calls for strict government spending rules

Dec 2, 2011
German Chancellor Angela Merkel today called for a new legally binding set of rules to control spending in all eurozone countries, with harsh fines for any rule-breakers.
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Three big players in euro crisis finally agree

Dec 2, 2011
German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke today, echoing recent sentiments by the head of the European Central Bank and French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
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Germany could rescue the eurozone, but will it?

Dec 1, 2011
Germany is the only eurozone country rich enough to bail out the euro, but many German voters and politicians feel they have already done enough.
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Borrowing Europe's debt troubles

Dec 1, 2011
Is the U.S. borrowing trouble with the Federal Reserve's offer to swap dollars for shaky euros?
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Central banks announce joint plan to avoid credit crunch

Nov 30, 2011
To increase liquidity, the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve are teaming up.
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