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ECB drops interest rates to 1 %

Dec 8, 2011
Economist Adolfo Laurenti discusses the rate cut and the role of the European Central Bank in Europe's future.
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EU summit takes place in Brussels; divisions abound

Dec 8, 2011
European leaders gather in Brussels to discuss closer fiscal union and try to save the euro, but EU lawmakers are divided on the way forward.
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All I want from for Christmas? A bazooka, please

Dec 8, 2011
Markets today were like a huffy kid who stomps off because Santa only brought him two out of the three of the gifts on his list. Santa is the European Central Bank.
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Euro debt crisis has deep roots

Dec 7, 2011
The troubles in Europe go back much farther than the birth of the euro, all the way to the days of Adolf Hitler.
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Will Slovakia pose another threat to the EU?

Dec 7, 2011
Slovakia was a big opponent of the recent vote to extend the Greek bailout package. How will it react to plans to change treaties in the eurozone?
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What's on the agenda at Friday's EU summit

Dec 7, 2011
European leaders meet in Brussels on Friday to try to work out the continent’s debt crisis. Greater fiscal cooperation is top of the agenda.
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A German tea party with a French pastry

Dec 7, 2011
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy lay out their plan for stricter budget controls for eurozone nations in an open letter to European Council President Herman Van Rompuy.
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Rating agency again steps into political fray

Dec 6, 2011
First, the U.S. debt ceiling debate; now Europe. Standard & Poor’s threat to cut countries’ credit ratings appears meant to prod political action.
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In the eurozone, it's like 'Waiting for Godot'

Dec 6, 2011
All eyes are on Brussels, days ahead of another European summit on the continent's debt crisis and hopes that this time will be different.
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Mario Monti unveils austerity plan for Italy

Dec 5, 2011
The new leader of Italy has announced a plan for tax increases and spending cuts to deal with the ongoing debt crisis in the country
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