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New general election on the way in Greece

May 15, 2012
Political parties in Greece have failed to forge a coalition, meaning a new general election is on the way in Greece. Will the country keep to its budget promises that are a condition of the European bailout?
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Greek exit from eurozone seeming more likely

May 14, 2012
The prospect of a new round of elections in Greece is boosting the chances of the country's exit from the euro.
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Greece gambling with 'financial armageddon'

May 14, 2012
New elections in Greece could upend the promises the country made to cut budgets in return for bailout money, and lead to Greece leaving the eurozone. Journalist George Christides says the Greek people might not be aware of the consequences.
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Signs of contagion from Greek troubles

May 14, 2012
As the possibility rises of Greece leaving the eurozone, borrowing costs are shooting higher in countries like Spain and Italy.
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Greece hurls Europe back into crisis mode

May 14, 2012
Greece struggles to form a government after many voters rejected pro-austerity parties. Reneging on its promises could mean an exit from the euro.
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How concerned should we be over Greece?

May 10, 2012
Greece still hasn't formed a new government. And there's a lot of talk about the nation leaving the eurozone. How likely is that?
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Greece, France vote against austerity in weekend elections

May 7, 2012
In an apparent rejection of austerity measures to solve Europe's debt crisis, voters in France elected Socialist party candidate Francois Hollande over the weekend while Greek voters punished the country's two incumbent parties
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In Greece, voters cast ballots against austerity

May 7, 2012
Parliamentary elections this weekend in Greece proved that voters there are fed up with the political parties imposing harsh austerity measures to deal with the country's severe debt crisis
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The political pushbacks on European austerity measures

May 7, 2012
Journalists in France, Greece and Germany analyze the post-vote turmoil happening in Europe right now.
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France elects Socialist candidate Francois Hollande

May 7, 2012
In a narrow victory this weekend, French voters ousted incumbent presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy in what many see as a popular referendum against harsh austerity measures in Europe
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