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Dispatch from China: Wrestling with Health care

May 13, 2010
Like the United States, China is wrestling with its health care systems. And party officials are looking to the U.S. for good ideas as they struggle to provide universal primary care for 1.3 billion people, from affluent city dwellers to nomads in poor western provinces.
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Take My Daughter: Confessions of a Chinese baby trafficker

May 5, 2010
Reporter Scott Tong shares the backstory of his report on the dark side of China's adoption system, including how one convicted baby trafficker offered to sell Scott his daughter during an interview.
Posted In: Crime, Immigration

Economic cup half empty or half full?

Apr 8, 2010
Rents rise, rents decline: Depends on your paper of record. Mitchell Hartman dissects dueling reports on the state of the rental market in our latest Reporter's Notebook.
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