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Limited space will make some miss high-risk insurance

Jul 1, 2010
A facet of health care reform law will allow people to apply for high-risk insurance pools starting today. But there's not enough cash to cover everyone.
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Rules keep biz health plans in check

Jun 14, 2010
Health care reform -- most of it, anyway -- doesn't kick in until 2014. But businesses are worried now that it will hit them hard in the pocketbook. That's why the White House released new rules aimed at keeping employers from raising premiums or scaling back care in advance. Janet Babin reports.
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Reform may consolidate home care

May 25, 2010
Home health and hospice provider Gentiva plans to acquire Odyssey. That merger would create one of the largest hospice companies in the U.S. Gregory Warner reports.
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More states join lawsuit against health care reform

May 14, 2010
Seven more states joined a lawsuit against the Obama administration's health care plan, making for a total of 21 states protesting the U.S. mandate to buy health insurance. Jill Barshay reports.
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A new fix for seniors paying for drugs

May 10, 2010
When prescription drug benefits run out for seniors, something known as the "donut hole" happens. Gregory Warner explains.
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States must decide on high-risk pools

Apr 30, 2010
States are on deadline to decide whether to take federal money to run a new insurance pool for people with serious medical problems or tell the feds to run it themselves. Gregory Warner reports.
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Health law paves way to better living

Apr 15, 2010
The new health care bill sets aside $15 billion to help create healthier communities. Gregory Warner reports on how that money could make a difference in New York City's South Bronx.
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Insurers shift costs ahead of health law

Apr 15, 2010
The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee released a report that says insurers are shifting administration costs to make it look like they're spending more on patient care. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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UnitedHealth partners for diabetes fight

Apr 14, 2010
Health insurers will have to cover start covering everyone in a few years. That means they should want their customers to be as healthy as possible. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports on one insurer's focus on helping folks stay out of the doctor's office.
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Health reform supporting school clinics

Apr 8, 2010
Health problems are increasingly affecting students' ability to learn, particularly in low-income neighborhoods. The new health reform law helps tackle the problem by providing more money for in-school clinics. Gregory Warner reports.
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