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Lawsuit: Health law unconstitutional

Sep 14, 2010
The most closely-watched legal challenge to the health care reform law goes before a federal judge in Florida. Twenty states filed the lawsuit, which contends that the health reform law is unconstitutional. Reporter Nancy Marshall Genzer talks the details with Bill Radke.
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Study: Health plan won't up costs much

Sep 9, 2010
A new government study says -- at least initially -- the health care overhaul won't cost much more than we're spending now. That's the conclusion of the first federal health care spending report since reform was passed. Nancy Marshall Genzer has more.
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Health reform's impact on small biz

Sep 2, 2010
A new report takes a look at how small businesses are affected by the new health care reform law. The law includes a tax credit to help small businesses afford health insurance. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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Calif. moves on health insurance market

Aug 26, 2010
California has passed legislation to set up a new market for health insurance. The online exchange could be a model for other states as they implement the health care overhaul passed earlier this year. Reporter Amy Scott talks the details with Steve Chiotakis.
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Should the colonoscopy be the 'gold standard'?

Aug 18, 2010
The new health care reform law requires that certain preventive screenings be paid by insurance companies, including the colonoscopy. But a partial colonoscopy, or sigmoidoscopy, proves to be just as effective as a colonscopy.
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Big challenges ahead for Berwick

Jul 7, 2010
President Obama appointed the man who will run Medicare and Medicaid, two of the biggest landmines in the federal budget. John Dimsdale reports that Donald Berwick faces a tough road ahead.
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"I understand your frustration..."

Jul 6, 2010
Health plan customer service is getting a makeover. Insurance companies are hiring empathy trainers for their call agents and brushing up on their phone manners. It's an attempt to keep customers loyal as health care reform starts to give individuals more options to quit their insurance company and shop for a new one. Gregory Warner reports.
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Jul 2, 2010 has just launched and companies are already jockeying to create a new version of the site that will bring comparison shopping to health insurance.
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Why can't I get health insurance?!

Jul 1, 2010
New high-risk insurance pools will mean people who were denied health-care insurance because of preexisting conditions will now have access to coverage. And that means fewer calls like these. From the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, comedy sketch group "Nice Kitchen" performs.
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High-risk pools may not help everyone

Jul 1, 2010
One of the first pieces of the health-care reform law went into effect. The law establishes temporary, high-risk insurance pools for people who can't get insured because of preexisting conditions. Some of those pools started taking applications. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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