The Copenhagen Climate Conference - Most Recent


Japan working toward fuel-cell reality

Dec 8, 2009
Home fuel cells are becoming increasingly popular in Japan. The electricity generator cuts about a ton of carbon emissions from each household per year, but costs aren't reasonable for the average consumer -- yet. Rob Schmitz reports.

Japanese ready for new C02 economy

Dec 7, 2009
One country the rest of the world might look to for lessons on carbon control is Japan. When you look at emissions per GDP, Japan is the most energy-efficient country on the planet. Rob Schmitz reports.

Hope on display in Copenhagen

Dec 7, 2009
The U.N.'s two-week conference on climate change is underway in Copenhagen, and displays and advertisements around the city are getting everyone in the mood. Bill Radke talks to KQED reporter Rob Schmitz, who is at the conference.


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