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Do you need a will?

Jun 13, 2008
More than half of Americans don't have a will. Tess talks to Kiplinger's John Ventura about the importance of having your affairs in order.

Planning for death: Reverend

Jun 13, 2008
Reverend Zelda Kennedy talks about getting past the discomfort of planning for the end and the importance of making your wishes clear.


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Did you know Doritos were born in a Disneyland dumpster? Or that the Slinky was the happy accident of a naval engineer?

At Marketplace, we’re always curious about the brains behind the products that have become synonymous with American life, so we’re starting a new series called “Brought to you by…”

As part of our Innovators project, we’ll track down the minds and muses behind the stuff you use every day and tell those stories on the radio and our website.

We’re starting with stuff that Americans buy up and bring out every summer, from sunscreen to pool noodles to popsicles.