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Mar 16, 2010
Collateralized loan obligations are back! Paddy Hirsch explains what CLOs are, and why they're important.
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Repo 105

Mar 12, 2010
It's the title of a dubious financing transaction that Lehman Brothers used in 2008 to make its balance sheet look healthier than it really was. Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch takes a stab at explaining how Repo 105 worked.
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Subprime: A meaty explanation

Feb 16, 2010
The Federal Housing Administration is being criticized for underwriting subprime loans, which critics say could lead to another wave of loan failures. Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch explains subprime lending and its inherent risks.
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Feb 5, 2010
Five little PIIGS. Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch explains why problems with certain European countries' sovereign debt could blow the house down.
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Banks not lending? Baloney

Jan 28, 2010
A Federal Reserve official said this week that "banks are still not lending." He also said access to credit remains difficult for households and...
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How the big banks make the big bucks

Jan 28, 2010
We keep hearing the banks aren't lending. The truth is they are lending, and making a lot of money doing it, thanks in large part to one very special borrower. Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch reports.
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Ratings conflict

Jan 16, 2010
Ratings agencies are paid by the sellers of the securities they rate. Critics say there's a conflict of interest there. Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch explains.
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Look out below!

Dec 21, 2009
Commercial real estate is giving Ben Bernanke a big headache. Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch explains why it's such a threat to the economy.
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Interest rates

Dec 15, 2009
Confused about the theory of how interest rates can affect economic growth? Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch is here with a handy analogy.
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What's with all the hostility?

Nov 19, 2009
Perhaps you've been hearing about Kraft's hostile takeover bid for Cadbury or Barnes and Noble's "poison pill" defense to ward off a hostile bid. ...
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