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Google employee No. 59 on the search giant's early days

Jul 19, 2011
Doug Edwards discusses his new book, "I'm Feeling Lucky," what it was like to do brand management for Google in 1999, and whether the search giant is too successful.
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Shoplifting explained

Jul 18, 2011
Rachel Shteir discusses her new book, "The Steal," why people shoplift, and how much it costs American families.
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Why investing like a girl is a good thing

Jul 8, 2011
One example of someone who's successfully invested like a girl? The Oracle of Omaha, of course.
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Why it's important for communities to have bookstores

Jun 27, 2011
Author Ann Patchett discusses what it's like to open her own bookstore and what she finds most surprising about her entrepreneurial efforts.
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You Must Go and Win: Life in the indie rock trenches

Jun 24, 2011
Singer/songwriter Alina Simone discusses her new book, life as a struggling musician, and what compels her to continue pursuing music.
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Feeling neutral about New York City

Jun 20, 2011
Avery Monsen, co-author of the new book <em>I Feel Relatively Neutral About New York</em>, explains his thoughts about the Big Apple.
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EXCERPT: Car Guys vs Bean Counters

Jun 13, 2011
The following is an excerpt from Car Guys vs Bean Counters. Learn more about the book and listen to the interview with author Bob Lutz....
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The U.S. car industry's downfall: Putting numbers before design

Jun 13, 2011
Bob Lutz, former vice chairman of General Motors, discusses why U.S. carmakers find themselves in their current predicament and why he never became CEO of GM.
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Writing about the humanity in work

Jun 7, 2011
Author Daniel Orozco discusses his new collection of short stories, "Orientation," why he writes about work, and how much of his fiction is influenced by experience.
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2030: Albert Brooks' somber look at America's future

Jun 3, 2011
Albert Brooks discusses his new novel, "2030," his vision of the future, and how concerned he is about what's happening in the U.S. right now.
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