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'On the Road' to a food truck

Nov 22, 2011
The Kogi Barbecue truck is often credited with kicking off the gourmet food truck craze in Los Angeles. Chef Roy Choi shares how Jack Kerouac's seminal work pushed him to start the truck.
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The next global crisis: Currency wars

Nov 18, 2011
Author Jim Rickards discusses how currency wars affect everyday Americans and why intentionally lowering the value of currencies doesn't work.
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The future in digital warfare

Nov 4, 2011
Author Mark Bowden discusses the botnets that are controlling millions of computers around the world, and how cyber warfare is now a part of the modern world.
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EXCERPT: Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero

Nov 1, 2011
The following is an excerpt from "Jack Kennedy" by Chris Matthews. Copyright © 2011 by Chris Matthews. Reprinted by permission of Simon & Schuster, Inc, NY.
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Chris Matthews on John F. Kennedy

Nov 1, 2011
MSNBC host Chris Matthews speaks about his new book about former President John F. Kennedy, and about what today's politicians can learn from Kennedy.

EXCERPT: Make the Bread, Buy the Butter

Oct 14, 2011
The following is an excerpt from "Make the Bread, Buy the Butter: What You Should and Shouldn't Cook from Scratch" by Jennifer Reese. Learn more...
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'Make the Bread, Buy the Butter'

Oct 13, 2011
We learn what's cheaper -- and tastier -- to make at home and what you should just buy from the grocery store.
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EXCERPT: Lifeblood

Oct 12, 2011
The following is an excerpt from "Lifeblood: How to Change the World One Dead Mosquito at a Time" by Alex Perry. Learn more about the book and...
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Fighting malaria through business ideals

Oct 12, 2011
Armed with business savvy and some insecticide-treated bed nets, philanthropist Ray Chambers is helping bring the death rate from malaria down to zero. Time Magazine's Africa correspondent Alex Perry wrote about his mission in a new book.
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EXCERPT -- Mule: A Novel of Moving Weight

Oct 3, 2011
The following is an excerpt from "Mule : A Novel of Moving Weight" ...
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