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Age in place

Dec 6, 2011
Working during the traditional retirement years means it makes sense to stay put and not pick up stakes when older.
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Tilt to safety

Dec 5, 2011
I keep reading that the lesson of the past few years is to throw out the old rules of investing. I don’t buy it. My reaction is the exact opposite. The old rules of investing were hammered out over previous bear markets, such as the Great Depression of the 1930s and the Great Stagnation of the 1970s. They still work.
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Living in the fertile void

Dec 2, 2011
The movement toward second and third careers
Posted In: Retirement, Work, aging

DIY Christmas: Fridge pickles and infused booze

Dec 2, 2011
Meg Favreau of shares two gifts you can make that'll be winners under any tree.
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Who’s saving more for retirement?

Nov 29, 2011
Women are participating in retirement plans more than it appears at first.
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Steps toward year-end tax planning

Nov 23, 2011
The clock is ticking on any last minute savvy tax moves for 2011.
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Transaction "infraction"

Nov 21, 2011
Be careful with your debit card this holiday season. Of course, that holds for the rest of the year. Still, it's all too easy during the hectic holiday season to overdraw your account online and at the mall. You could end up paying steep fees.
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Holiday shopping: Will you choose debit or credit?

Nov 18, 2011
The debate over credit versus debit has been raging for years. Guest blogger Gerri Detweiler gives three reasons on each side of the argument.
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The relentless pressure to save

Nov 14, 2011
There's a good reason why you may feel the pressure to build a larger emergency fund.
Posted In: Savings, unemployment benefits, Jobs

Budgeting for Uncertain Events

Nov 10, 2011
Here's a list of reasons why we save. A lot of things can go wrong. Age to die Need for extraordinary health care Close relative needs money Lo...
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