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TELL US: How do you talk yourself down from the financial ledge?

Aug 12, 2011
On this week's show, Carl Richards, he's a certified financial planner and New York Times contributor, said that he often makes this suggestion to...
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Time to panic--Not

Aug 12, 2011
Crazy. Wild. Exhausting. Confusing. What's your favorite word for describing the stock market's volatility? Bloomberg estimates that some $6.8...
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Student loans and a stagnant economy

Aug 12, 2011
Among the most troubling effects of the economic stall and moribund job market is how hard it hits young college graduates. These are the people...
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Marketplace Money: What now -- full audio of our live call-in session

Aug 11, 2011
This week has been a nightmare for many people: The U.S. is getting a ratings downgrade, dramatic market losses and gains, people sitting on the ...

The troubled economy's epicenter: Stagnant incomes

Aug 10, 2011
There are lots of factors behind the disappointingly weak economy. Dysfunctional politics in Washington and a national unemployment rate of 9.1%....
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Could deflation be next?

Aug 8, 2011
Let's hope not....
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Four steps to managing personal debt

Aug 5, 2011
Over the past several weeks Washington put the country through a crazy, bewildering shoutfest over the federal debt. Gnawing worries over the worth...
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Thoughts on the global market bust

Aug 4, 2011
There's more than a whiff of market panic in the air. Still, the underlying concerns about a slowing global economy are real....
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Loan rates are down: The bad and the good

Aug 3, 2011
The cost of borrowing is heading lower. Take mortgage rates. According to, the national average for 30-year fixed rate mortgages is...
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A stalling economy

Aug 1, 2011
Global investors may be relieved at the political agreement negotiated over the weekend in Washington to lift the debt ceiling limit. (Hold your...
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