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How are scientists measuring the size of the oil spill?

Jul 15, 2010
Easy Answer: They're estimating the volume of oil already in the ocean and working on establishing flow rates....
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What are the best ways to stay cool in the summer without an air conditioner?

Jul 12, 2010
Easy Answer: Try water, shade and a little cave time....
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Do hybrid owners deserve access to carpool lanes and other perks?

Jul 12, 2010
Easy Answer: California says no....
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News brief: Department of Interior will lease 1.8 million acres in Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve

Jul 9, 2010
The US Department of the Interior (DOI) today released details about its plan to award 190 parcels of land in Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve...
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Who's getting paid by BP? And who isn't?

Jul 8, 2010
***Easy Answer: Louisiana residents have received nearly half of the money handed out so far. Even though they account for only about a quarter...
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You tell us: Should BP help pay for mental health costs related to the oil spill?

Jul 8, 2010
Gulf states have asked BP for millions of dollars to pay for mental health costs related to the oil spill. Should the company hand over the money?...
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Should we call the BP oil spill a "spill"? Or something else?

Jul 2, 2010
Easy Answer: Yes, it's a spill. But that hasn't kept people from trying to rename it....
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What's the government doing to test seafood from the Gulf to make sure it's safe?

Jul 2, 2010
Easy Answer: Sniffing it.  Eating it.  And testing it for chemicals....
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