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The middle class? Not what it used to be

Feb 29, 2012
It used to be that the middle class meant "doing well," and reaching the American Dream. What does "middle class" mean these days?
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Voices of Wealth and Poverty: In the Middle

Feb 28, 2012
Courtney Kimsey and Jacqueline Byers, in their own words, on how their families manage on the median American income.
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What is poverty? Think beyond the official number

Feb 28, 2012
Many who are technically living above the poverty line in the United States actually can’t afford to pay for basic needs like clothing and food.
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Voices of Wealth and Poverty: Barely Getting By

Feb 27, 2012
Daryl Snell and Angel Rogers live just above the poverty line. In their own words, the choices they make and the challenges they face.
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What is wealth? Hint: It’s not just for the rich

Feb 27, 2012
Wealth is more than a big paycheck. Assets provide security and a boost for your children’s future.
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Introducing the Marketplace Wealth and Poverty Desk

Feb 27, 2012
Learn more about our new beat exploring wealth, poverty, money and class
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Introducing the Wealth & Poverty beat

Feb 24, 2012
Reporter Mitchell Hartman discusses the need for Marketplace's new Wealth & Poverty desk.
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Growing up is hard if you can’t find a job

Feb 9, 2012
In this economy, young people postpone careers, marriage, kids and even leaving home.
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Lottery jackpot is a spot in public housing

Feb 7, 2012
New Haven attracts families to a new mixed-income community with a popular lottery.
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Nevada grads worry about their futures

Feb 2, 2012
College seniors in Nevada have endured budget cuts and tuition hikes. They now face a less-than-promising job market.
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