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What median income can buy depends on where you live

Sep 17, 2013
The Census releases U.S. median income data today. We visit two families to compare what it's like to live at the national median income and local median income.
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When you're the first to go to college

Sep 16, 2013
Last spring, Raven Gribbins was the first in her family to graduate from high school. Now she begins the next chapter -- as a college student.
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Unprepared for rain, Colorado pays the price

Sep 16, 2013
Colorado is equipped to deal with all sorts of natural disasters, from raging fire to heavy snow. But this torrential rain has caught Colorado off guard.
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Income Upshot: Homer Simpson edition

Sep 12, 2013
The Income Upshot tool can tell you how people at your income level live, work and play. But you can also find out a lot about other people in the public eye.
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Behind the Data: Alcohol consumption by income bracket

Sep 12, 2013
Based on Gallup data, we looked at what income says about alcohol consumption.

Behind the Data: Pet ownership by income bracket

Sep 12, 2013
We examine what a person's income says about what pets they own.

Behind the Data: Commute time by income bracket

Sep 12, 2013
We looked at the relationship between a person's income and their daily commute.

Behind the Data: Car type by income bracket

Sep 12, 2013
What can a person's income tell you about the type of car they drive?

Behind the Data: Home ownership by income bracket

Sep 12, 2013
A person's income can reveal whether they tend to own, or rent, their place of residence.

Behind the Data: Marital status by income bracket

Sep 12, 2013
Are you married? Divorced? Single? If you reveal your income, data can shed light on marital status trends.