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Employed again, but still looking for work

Nov 8, 2013
We talk to a Nevada woman who needs a second job to pay for a stretch of unemployment.
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The air up there

Nov 7, 2013
Air rights, and zoning rules, are what gives cities like New York their skylines. And air rights are worth big money these days.
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Beyond GDP: Future growth depends on addressing racial inequity

Nov 7, 2013
An advocacy group says the U.S. economy won't thrive unless everyone is included.
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A view of income inequality from the perspective of a city

Nov 5, 2013
There are mayoral elections in a lot of cities across the U.S. today and one thread that's common to a lot of those city races is the issue of income inequality.
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Income inequality and the pursuit of un-happiness

Nov 5, 2013
The OECD releases its “How’s Life?” study today where it measured the happiness of 33 countries.
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Behind the Data: Where you fall in the national picture

Nov 4, 2013
The income gap in the U.S. is growing. How many people make more than you do?

Behind the Data: Belief in God and income

Nov 4, 2013
What's the relationship between your belief in a higher being and how much money your family makes? Check out the data.

Behind the Data: Astrological signs and income

Nov 4, 2013
Are some astrological signs more wealthy than others? Check out the data.

Behind the Data: Political ideology and income

Nov 4, 2013
Is there a relationship between how much money you make and your political ideology? Check out the data.

Behind the Data: Gun ownership and income

Nov 4, 2013
Based on General Social Survey data, we took a look at how gun ownership rates change across the income spectrum.