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Lender fills gap for Hispanic community

Jul 6, 2012
Progreso Financiero lends money to Latino borrowers who might otherwise not qualify for credit.
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The shape of the jobs economy

Jul 6, 2012
Economists call it "U-shaped" as jobs in the middle grow fewer.
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Unemployment for Hispanics, African Americans remains high

Jul 3, 2012
A new study shows that the jobless rate for African Americans and Hispanics isn't budging despite a modest recovery in other parts of the economy.
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America's wealth gap -- in 1776

Jul 3, 2012
Why one founding father thought a narrow wealth divide was good for the new country.
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Just who are the white working class?

Jun 27, 2012
And why they do, or don’t, really matter in this year’s elections.
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Happily ever after in a cross-class marriage

Jun 22, 2012
Fewer people are marrying across class lines. But those who are making the leap are finding that how they grew up influences how they grow together as a couple.
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The cost of raising kids

Jun 15, 2012
Top earners are able to spend more, boosting their children's odds for future success.
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Dad's income a predictor of his kids'

Jun 15, 2012
Americans have less economic mobility across generations than those in most other rich developed countries.
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Fed says downturn hit middle class hardest

Jun 12, 2012
Low-income earners lost less ground in recession than college-educated middle class.
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What does the middle class look like?

Jun 11, 2012
As part of our ongoing middle class photo project, we followed up with a listener who told us being middle class means setting a goal and getting there. Tell us what you think it means to be middle class.
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