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Could new zoning laws help educate poor kids?

Apr 19, 2012
Lifting bans on apartments in affluent neighborhoods might allow more low-income students to attend top public schools.
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Educating kids for the factories of the future

Apr 6, 2012
West Chicago magnet prepares students for high-skill manufacturing jobs, and for college
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The road back to the factory floor

Apr 6, 2012
A laid-off autoworker found a steady job at another factory, but he’s making less
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Down on the farm, the economy is up

Mar 30, 2012
But Illinois farmers give little credit to the political party in power.
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In Illinois, voters hope election results will boost economy

Mar 21, 2012
Workers in Rockford, Ill., are divided on how much the auto bailout helped the local economy. Many hope yesterday's primary election might be the first step in helping factory areas in the state fully recover.
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The economic lives of two blue-collar voters

Mar 20, 2012
They differ on politics, but both see college as a way to help their kids do better than they have.
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Cutting savings to the bone

Mar 2, 2012
Marketplace's Wealth and Poverty reporters talked with people from all over the country, and many, regardless of their earning power, had very little in the way of savings.
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What is the wealth gap?

Mar 1, 2012
Those at the top have an increasingly bigger share, while middle and low incomes stagnate.
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Your neighborhood through your eyes

Mar 1, 2012
We asked you to send in photographs of where you live. Take a look, and contribute yours.
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The middle class? Not what it used to be

Feb 29, 2012
It used to be that the middle class meant "doing well," and reaching the American Dream. What does "middle class" mean these days?
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