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Charitable foundations aren't just for the über-rich

Dec 9, 2013
There are some 80,000 private charitable foundations operating in the U.S. today, and you don't have to be crazy rich to launch a one.
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Giving to the arts, culture and humanities

Dec 8, 2013
In 2012, giving to organizations geared towards supporting the arts, culture, and humanities jumped 7 percent, totaling over $14 billion.
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Giving to international aid

Dec 8, 2013
Between 2011 and 2012, giving to international aid went up by more than 2 percent.
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Giving to human services

Dec 8, 2013
Giving to human services jumped by more than 3 percent from 2011 to 2012.

Giving to individuals

Dec 8, 2013
Donations to friends and family is a form of giving that can’t be calculated, since it usually happens in private circles and off the books.

Giving to public society benefit

Dec 8, 2013
Public society benefit includes organizations who work with voter education, civil rights and civil liberties.
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Giving to the environment and animals

Dec 8, 2013
The number of environmental charity groups has been steadily growing over the past decade.
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Giving to health

Dec 8, 2013
Organizations in health sector include hospitals, primary care facilities and health research.

Giving to education

Dec 8, 2013
Compared to other charity sectors, donating to education appears to be on the rise.

Giving to religion

Dec 8, 2013
Tithing, general contributions and other ways that Americans give to their church.