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The Ryan effect -- on brands, even hobbies he likes

Aug 13, 2012
Political stars have a way of driving business. What impact will Paul Ryan’s passion for fitness and outdoor activities have in the marketplace?
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Ads tout veep pick Ryan

Aug 13, 2012
RNC, nonprofit group introduce 'America's Comeback Team'
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Does 'it's the budget, stupid' resonate with voters?

Aug 13, 2012
Republican veep pick Paul Ryan a name for himself by proposing deep cuts in the federal budget. Will his focus on budget issues play well in November?
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Romney's choice of Ryan is about 'substance'

Aug 13, 2012
Politico's Glenn Thrush says Mitt Romney chose to roll the dice with Paul Ryan as his vice president pick because he's betting that voters are craving "substance" and more adult conversations about the deficit and budgets.
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Inside vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan's budget plan

Aug 13, 2012
Wisconsin congressman and now Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan will be in Iowa today, talking with voters at the state fair. It'll be Ryan's first solo-appearance since Mitt Romney announced Ryan as his running mate on Saturday.
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Cancer ad prompts GOP attack

Aug 10, 2012
Republicans attack Obama over Bain cancer ad
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Millions spent on Senate ads

Aug 9, 2012
Karl Rove's Crossroads hits Democratic Senate candidates in Montana, Missouri, others
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Questioning Obama's accountability

Aug 8, 2012
Americans for Prosperity launches first ad of $25 million campaign
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Campaign ads crowd out local businesses on airwaves

Aug 8, 2012
Small businesses are seeing higher TV ad rates, fewer time slots in key swing states.
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Obama, Romney draw attention over apps

Aug 8, 2012
With election day now less than three months away, the campaigns of both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have amped up. One of their newest feats? Mobile apps.
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