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Sep 1, 2011
Mortgage rates are scraping along near historic lows, Freddie Mac says in its latest survey of what lenders are offering to well-qualified...

When the market's up, we buy cars...

Aug 31, 2011
...and when it's down, we don't. That makes no sense, of course: the stock markets are not an accurate reflection of the national economy. They...
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What's the fastest method of boarding an airplane?

Aug 31, 2011
This final note, which hits home with yours truly after a particularly gruesome boarding experience yesterday at Kennedy Airport coming home from...
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Market timing

Aug 31, 2011
A report by the Institute for Policy Studies that 25 corporate CEOs earned more than their companies paid in taxes attracted a surprising amount of...

Data Points 8/31

Aug 31, 2011
August Chicago PMI came in at 56.5 beating estimates but below the July figure. The number was the lowest since November 2009. (via Clusterstock)...

A new look for Superman and other superheroes: What do you think?

Aug 30, 2011
Comic book trackers say Superman - and his red briefs - first hit comic books in 1938 in the Action Comics title. The book tells the origin story...
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Lehman Brothers begins planning $65 billion payout

Aug 30, 2011
And this final note. The biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history may soon be history. Today, a judge granted approval for creditors of Lehman Brother...
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The Big Question

Aug 30, 2011
In conjunction with our series on the U.S. Military and Energy we're launching a new widget we call "The Big Question." Check it out, join the...
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