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Walmart brings back layaway plans

Sep 8, 2011
This final note today, a somewhat distressing sign of the economic times, direct from Bentonville, Ark....

Bernanke: nothing for now

Sep 8, 2011
The Fed Chairman said today that he "expects economic growth to improve slowly and inflation to ease":
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The Euro debt crisis, explained in Legos

Sep 7, 2011
This final note today. It's come to this: the Euro debt crisis, explained in Legos. Seriously....

The problem with Operation Twist

Sep 7, 2011
Or should I say, another problem. Operation Twist is designed to lower long term interest rates, in order to make it cheaper or consumers to borrow...
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My job is to watch dreams die

Sep 7, 2011
This is from a recent Business Insider post by Joe Wiesenthal:...

We may soon be able to keep our shoes on at the airport

Sep 6, 2011
This final note on the way out today, just to put things into some kind of Sept. 11th perspective....
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OP-ED: August jobs report shows Obama blew it

Sep 2, 2011
The August jobs report is out and it was even worse than last month. The Labor Department said the US economy did not add any jobs last month (an...
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A list of America's best and worst driving cities

Sep 2, 2011
Insurance company Allstate has released it seventh annual "Allstate America's Best Drivers Report" revealing the American cities with the best an...
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U.S. unemployment picture at a glance: August, 2011

Sep 2, 2011
The U.S. job situation in August is a carbon copy of July (which was revised today to 85,000 new jobs instead of the previously reported 117,000)...
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Auto sales report for August: U.S. up, Japan down

Sep 1, 2011
This final note today. It being the first of the month, here's your Detroit-versus-the-world update....
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