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An illustrated history of Apple's products and executives

Aug 24, 2011
Apple has had a long history of executive changes mixed in with its key product releases. View an illustrated timeline that charts these events against the company's stock price.
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Girl Scouts has new CEO

Aug 24, 2011
A final note. The Girl Scouts says it's seen a 55 percent rise in the number of Hispanic girls who've joined the group over the past decade. And ...

What's up with ... capital goods orders?

Aug 24, 2011
--Not much. They're actually down this month. --OK, well, what are capital goods, anyway? --They're durable goods. --So what the heck are dura...

Companies buy less capital goods

Aug 24, 2011
Capital goods are the things that companies buy to make stuff. Like factories, machinery, tools, equipment, and buildings. Unfortunately, compani...
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Consumer confidence slumps in Europe

Aug 24, 2011
European consumer confidence dropped the most in 20 years this month. The European Commission said the decline was steeper than the one after...

What's up... with the Baltic Dry Index?

Aug 23, 2011
It's higher, that's what. And that's good news (maybe!). The Baltic Dry tracks the cost of shipping, and a 16 percent bump in the Index has jazze...

Fill 'er up: Coffee prices begin to drop

Aug 23, 2011
A final note. Coffee prices have been percolating up for almost a year and a half now. But it looks like the cost of your morning brew might have...
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Are the banks lending more?

Aug 23, 2011
Banks lent more money in the last quarter, the FDIC said in a press release today. Total loans and leases increased by 0.9 percent, $64.4 billion...
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You think it's tough doing business here?

Aug 23, 2011
Try Kyrgyzstan. At least one major foreign-run gold mining operation had its license suspended there, another was slapped with a $5 million fine,...
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The shipping news

Aug 23, 2011
Some good news on international trade from Egypt, home of the Suez Canal....



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