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Forbes lists 15 wealthiest fictional characters

Apr 14, 2010
In case you ever wondered how the fortunes of Beverly Hillbilly Jed Clampett sized up to Batman's, Forbes has done the ground work with "The Forbes...
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More restaurants serve up oatmeal

Apr 13, 2010
You might have heard Stacey Vanek-Smith's report on how fast-food chains are stepping up their games when it comes to providing breakfast. NPD...
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Facebook revamps safety center

Apr 13, 2010
Facebook is retooling its safety information center to better protect its 400 million users worldwide. The redesigned Safety Center comes with new...
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Louis Vuitton sales jump

Apr 13, 2010
Bought any Louis Vuitton lately?...
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H-1B visa applications down

Apr 13, 2010
The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services began accepting H-1B Visa petitions on the 1st of April. But as of April 8th, the agency had only...
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A device to heighten the virtual experience

Apr 13, 2010
Japanese researchers have developed a new robotic device that allows users to "feel," by producing heartbeat patterns to evoke different emotions,...
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Twitter rolls out test advertising program

Apr 13, 2010
Twitter is going the way of Google AdSense and elevating the status of certain tweets sent from advertisers when users do a search. Twitter users...

In mourning, Poland faces tough rebuilding questions

Apr 12, 2010
Poland is in mourning after a plane crash Saturday killed the European nation's president, lawmakers, key officials, and military chiefs. Now...
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Conan back on late night -- on TBS

Apr 12, 2010
Are you with Coco? After Conan O'Brien was ousted from NBC's "Tonight Show," many speculated that he would head over to the Fox network. But in a...
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Magazine to publish 'black list' of worst companies

Apr 12, 2010
Corporate Responsibility Magazine has spent over a decade publishing a list of the 100 best corporate citizens. But for its April-May issue, which...
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