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A system that turns your arm into buttons

Apr 19, 2010
Microsoft Research and Carnegie Mellon University have created a system called Skinput that allows you to turn your body into a touch interface....
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Iceland volcano eruption clouds air, economy

Apr 19, 2010
A massive ash cloud spreading across Europe from Iceland's erupting volcano is expected to cost the global economy billions before the air clears...
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Microsoft pulls risqué Kin ad

Apr 19, 2010
Microsoft was a little too exuberant in its attempt to relate to youth culture when it debuted its new ad for the Kin social networking mobile...
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A list of 2010's expensive stuff

Apr 16, 2010
Businessweek has a cool feature on the world's most expensive stuff 2010. While most of us scaled back on spending because of the recession, it...
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Journalists save news nuggets for books

Apr 16, 2010
An interesting piece in Politico discusses the debate over whether it's wrong for journalists to leave out bits and pieces of news from their...
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Library of Congress to archive your tweets

Apr 15, 2010
The Library Of Congress isn't lauded as the keeper of tech trends or pop culture, but the knowledge trove says it will archive the collected works...

A rise in PC sales for the first quarter

Apr 14, 2010
Personal computer sales globally are up sharply in the first quarter. Research firm Gartner said worldwide PC shipments rose by 27.4 percent in the...
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Adobe vs. Apple may end up in court

Apr 14, 2010
Things might get uglier in the battle between Apple and Adobe. There are rumblings that Adobe may sue Apple because the tech giant doesn't support...
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Wawa to celebrate one billion free ATM withdrawals

Apr 14, 2010
Wawa is planning to celebrate its billionth surcharge-free ATM withdrawal by staging a parade in Philadelphia. The convenience store, with chains...
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Last U.S. sardine cannery closing its doors

Apr 14, 2010
New restrictions on herring fishing are forcing the former Stinson Seafood plant in Prospect Harbor, Maine, owned by Bumble Bee Foods and the last...
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