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Executives part their hair on the right (and other tips)

Nov 16, 2011
A recent poll out by CareerBuilder shows what kind of suits, beverages and even cars that top executives around the country prefer.
Posted In: executives, business, career advice

Occupy Denver elects a leader

Nov 10, 2011
And finally, to the Occupy protest in Denver. The city's mayor asked the demonstrators to elect a leader, who could be a contact for police when...
Posted In: Occupy Wall Street

The 10 Most Shopaholic Cities

Nov 7, 2011
With signs consumer spending is making a bit of a rebound, the website called Bundle did a little analysis. Which U.S. cities are the biggest fo...
Posted In: Retail, shopping

When infomercials hit your neighborhood grocery store

Oct 19, 2011
At the supermarket yesterday, I stumbled upon some solid evidence that old tricks still work. There I was, innocently sifting through produce, w...
Posted In: grocery store, infomercial

Worst football weather cities can blame Lake Erie

Oct 19, 2011
The Weather Channel's out with its list of the National Football League's worst weather cities. The cable network used a bunch of science and st...
Posted In: American Football, Sports, weather

General Mills cereals hitting a 'sweetness threshold'

Oct 12, 2011
Lucky Charms may be "magically delicious," but that flavor that kids (and adults) crave is thanks to a carefully chosen ratio of sugar in every b...
Posted In: cereal, General Mills, Lucky Charms, sugar

Cheech and Chong 'get high' on Fiber One brownies

Sep 27, 2011
Decades have passed since Cheech & Chong first rolled into our homes and hearts, smoke billowing out of their van. And now, America is ready...
Posted In: Cheech & Chong, Fiber One

Refreshing Facebook bothers users... again

Sep 22, 2011
We may think we're okay with change, but really, who are we kidding? When it comes to the internet, we like things to look the same. The biggest...
Posted In: Facebook

McDonalds employee on coning: 'I've seen this stunt before'

Sep 19, 2011
In days of old, the Internet has spawned such hallowed traditions as planking and floating Chinese officials. The latest craze? Coning. No, this...
Posted In: coning, McDonalds

We want 'The Help,' not 'The Debt'

Sep 5, 2011
This final note today from the core of the debate countries all across the world are in the midst of right now. Which is a bigger issue? Creating...



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