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Uh oh -- did I lose the bet?

Oct 3, 2008
I have to come clean 'cause everybody's gonna hear it this afternoon....

Life on the road

Oct 3, 2008
Okay, Tess. We might have to have a glamor-off. How's this for a motel room studio?...

Glamorous? You wanted glamorous?

Oct 3, 2008
Oh Amy your photo just makes me sad... no Mustang should ever be put down in such a manner. But so much for the glamour of a road trip. You wanna...

Made it to Charleston!

Oct 3, 2008
Hi, Tess! Sorry to be out of touch....

The mayor and me

Oct 3, 2008
Amy! Where are you these days? West Virginia, I think?...

Roadtrip sausage

Oct 2, 2008
Here's a photo of my hotel "studio."

No sign of impending economic doom in the Sierras

Oct 1, 2008
Hi Amy and blog readers! That was some drive from San Fran. Through America's Salad Bowl and into the wilderness of the Sierras....

A road trip to see how America is doing

Oct 1, 2008
Marketplace Money host Tess Vigeland and New York City Bureau Chief Amy Scott are crossing the country to see how Americans are doing. They get our "Road to Ruin?" series rolling by talking to Kai Ryssdal from San Francisco and Charlotte, N.C.
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Why Main Street hates Wall Street

Oct 1, 2008
A majority in the House voted against the financial rescue bill, in part, because they were swamped with calls from angry constituents. Kai Ryssdal asks behavioral economist Dan Ariely why Americans want revenge.

First Stop: Charlotte, N.C.

Oct 1, 2008
Hiya, Tess, and readers. I think I'm ready!...



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