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Scientists: Turning invisible might be possible

Aug 11, 2008
I had wonder if someone wasn't playing an April Fool's joke in August, but this story appears to be legit....
Posted In: invisibility, research, Science

'Natural' plastic on the horizon?

Aug 11, 2008
Metabolix, a bioscience company, says it has developed an efficient way to manufacture biodegradable plastic with the leaves of switchgrass....
Posted In: bioplastic, Metabolix

Rolling Stone just wants to fit in

Aug 11, 2008
Rolling Stone has always been a big magazine, literally and figuratively. These days, it has more readers than ever, but single-copy purchases...

Despite Internet, Yellow Pages multiply

Aug 8, 2008
Now that just about every business' phone number and information is available online, the Yellow Page volumes in our home rarely get touched....
Posted In: advertising, Yellow Pages

YouTube's advertising picture still fuzzy

Aug 8, 2008
Will enough advertisers display their brands next to user-generated videos to make YouTube as profitable as television? Executives from video...
Posted In: advertising, Google, YouTube

UBS joins the buy-back brigade

Aug 8, 2008
To settle U.S. regulatory claims, UBS has agreed to buy back $19 billion of auction-rate securities and pay $150 million in fines. This comes a day...

Putting the brakes on discs?

Aug 7, 2008
In the two years I've had my car, I've loaded a CD into the stereo player maybe twice. It's not that I don't listen to music. I do -- a lot. Rather...
Posted In: blaupunkt, CDs, iPods

Doing something about the weather

Aug 7, 2008
A fascinating story posted on today about a company called WeatherBill, which uses Google-like technology to allow businesses -- from...
Posted In: weather, WeatherBill

Your start-up's future earnings report, today

Aug 7, 2008
The San Francisco Web site YouNoodle , which spotlights and supports networking for young businesses, is launching a tool they claim can predict...

Olympic-size marketing blunders

Aug 6, 2008
As we approach the Summer Olympics in Beijing -- and all the advertising that goes with it -- offers a look at "The top 8 Olympic marke...
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