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Another reason not to drive

Jul 21, 2008
As if gas prices weren't enough to discourage us from getting behind the wheel. The AP gives us reasons to watch out for who might be driving that...
Posted In: driving, safety

Is mystery meat on the menu?

Jul 21, 2008
It's hard not to take a pot shot at cafeteria food, but the folks cooking up meals for the Chandler Unified School District in Chandler, Ariz.,...
Posted In: catering, Food

Reverting to 'booze culture'

Jul 21, 2008
Has the "Mad Men" TV show made drinking at the office hip again? Ad Age has a feature out today that says in-house bars at advertising agencies -- ...
Posted In: advertising

"Borrowers Betrayed"

Jul 21, 2008
The Miami Herald has done a good piece of investigative work into how lack of regulation allowed persons with criminal histories to enter the...
Posted In: mortgage crisis

At least a temporary drop in oil pressure

Jul 17, 2008
Not long ago we wouldn't have seen the news of oil closing just below $130 a barrel as a good thing for our pocketbooks. But here it is from the AP...
Posted In: gas, Oil

Simon says, 'No more'

Jul 16, 2008
It's last call for customers of online grocer

Computers 1, Humans 0

Jul 16, 2008
If you've set up a new account on a website in the last few years, you're no doubt familiar with the string of random letters and numbers you have...

Espresso-over-ice request heats up online

Jul 15, 2008
Couldn't resist passing along this story of customer vs. barista that went down at the Murky Coffee shop in Arlington. Va. The customer wanted...
Posted In: coffee, Small Business

Now boarding: passengers holding ads

Jul 15, 2008
Advertisers have found yet another open space -- and a client definitely in need of cash -- to push their products: the airline boarding pass. The...
Posted In: advertising, Airlines

Social networking, baby style

Jul 14, 2008
Yahoo's "Tech Ticker" has a video interview with Tina Sharkey, chairwoman of BabyCenter, which Yahoo says "may be one of the largest interactive...



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