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Athletic budgets face tough travel costs

Aug 6, 2008
Minor-league sports teams and smaller colleges are being hit especially hard by the rising costs of travel. And that means you could be paying more...
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Preparing for the downside of oil

Aug 6, 2008
Crude oil prices hit a three-month low yesterday. At $119 a barrel, oil producers are scrambling to protect themselves against more downside. They...

GM gives battered biofuels a push

Aug 5, 2008
American farmers' move toward growing more corn for ethanol production has been one of the factors cited for rapidly rising food costs. The...
Posted In: biofuels, GM

YouTube's going for broadcast gold

Aug 5, 2008
YouTube will be showing three hours of exclusive content every day during the Olympic games, provided by the International Olympic Committee. ...

Cablevision wins appeals court ruling on DVRs

Aug 4, 2008
Cable television companies have won a significant court victory with a ruling that will allow them to provide subscribers with "network DVR"...
Posted In: Cablevision, DVR, tv

Venture capital growing in green space

Aug 4, 2008
Venture capitalists think there's green in green. Investments in U.S. clean-tech companies grew by 41% to $961.7 million in the second quarter of...
Posted In: clean technology, venture capital

They must have meant 'Fee' Credit Report

Aug 4, 2008
Given the true nature of the site the "R" in "Free" has got to be a typo. If you log on to the site and sign up, you're not going to get away with...

Yahoo annual meeting a quiet affair

Aug 1, 2008
After all the brouhaha over whether Microsoft and Yahoo would merge, and whether Carl Icahn would move in for a takeover, the company's annual...
Posted In: shareholders, Yahoo

Prius on the high road

Aug 1, 2008
Prius may be one of the few products in the auto industry that you could actually call "scarce." Many Toyota dealers are putting buyers on waiting...

'Exercise in a pill' still needs a workout

Jul 31, 2008
News that scientists have developed a drug that mimics the benefits of exercise -- in mice, anyway -- quickly rose to the top of numerous website...
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