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Tropicana down one Indiana riverboat

Aug 25, 2008
Tropicana's Casino Aztar is up on the auction block after months in limbo. The Evansville, Ind. riverboat was set to sell to Reno, Nev., hotel and...

Wii have your technology

Aug 21, 2008
Motion sensor technology is one of the keys to Nintendo Wii's success, but the world's best-selling video game console could lose its title if its...

Bicycle roundup

Aug 20, 2008
Several days ago the Associated Press reported electric bicycles are selling well....
Posted In: bicycles, bike sharing, commute, David Byrne, elecric bicycles

Target adjusts its aim at market

Aug 20, 2008
From Advertising Age....
Posted In: branding, marketing, shopping, Target

Treo has a new deal-o

Aug 20, 2008
Come on, admit it -- the iPhone's far from perfect. Given the slew of recent problems the technology has endured lately, it's no wonder the...

Tire rolling resistance standards and your fuel efficiency

Aug 19, 2008
From Cindy Skrzycki's business column at
Posted In: fuel efficiency, sustainability, tires

Vioxx clinical study influenced by marketing

Aug 19, 2008
The painkiller Vioxx, which was found to double the risk of heart attack and stroke, has been off the market for nearly four years. This morning, a...

Wine expert: boxed wine better for the environment

Aug 18, 2008
From an op-ed piece by Tyler Cowen in The New York Times....
Posted In: carbon footprint, milk, sustainability, wine

Open-source textbooks

Aug 18, 2008
In response to rising textbook prices, some academics are writing their own textbooks -- for free. From an article in the Los Angeles Times:...
Posted In: free, open source, textbooks

Rupert Murdoch is now frenemies with Facebook

Aug 18, 2008
From The New York Times....
Posted In: BusinessWeek, Facebook, Fox News, MySpace



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