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Hot wheels

Sep 4, 2008
Could gas prices be driving up fraudulent car theft claims?...
Posted In: fraud car thefts insurance

Google unveils new browser

Sep 2, 2008
Google's debut of its open-source Chrome browser today is a hot topic on the Web....
Posted In: browser, Chrome, Google

California lawmakers push for carbon-reduction planning

Sep 2, 2008
When you live in Los Angeles like we do, you quickly learn that the reason public transportation isn't a viable option for much of the population...
Posted In: carbon-dioxide emissions, public transportation, urban planning

GM to salaried workers: Why not retire now?

Aug 29, 2008
General Motors has been looking for ways to cut its workforce down for a long time. Now it's offering 9,000 salaried workers early retirement...

Scientists develop cells that could be disease fighters

Aug 27, 2008
Scientists say they have caused one type of cell to become another -- with no intermediate step using controversial stem cells -- which could have...
Posted In: Health, medicine, stem cells

Want to invest in rock 'n' roll?

Aug 27, 2008
With all the problems the music industry is having, artists and entrepreneurs are looking for new business models....
Posted In: Bandstocks, Music

Dell to offer low-cost computers to emerging markets

Aug 27, 2008
With sales of PC laptops and desktops slowing in the United States, Dell is making a push for markets in growing economies around the world with a...
Posted In: computers, Dell

Profits in the airline industry!

Aug 26, 2008
The airlines are suffering across the board, but Virgin Atlantic is actually coming out ahead. The airline credits the "T5 Effect" for helping it...

Fewer textbooks to carry with Kindle?

Aug 25, 2008
The ARS Technica website has a report that Amazon may enter the college textbook market with a new version of its Kindle electronic reading device....
Posted In: college, Kindle, textbooks

Colleges dropping food trays

Aug 25, 2008
Several hundred colleges have either stopped using trays in their cafeterias or plan to soon, according to an Associated Press report. By serving...
Posted In: cafeterias, college, Food



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