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Payoff Mortgage Early?

Jan 18, 2008
Question: I plan to retire most likely sometime next year. I have a 30 year fixed at about 6.5%. I'm 5 years into the payments. If I have the...
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Kids and Investing

Jan 18, 2008
Question: I started savings accounts for all three of my kids after they were born, putting a small amount of money from my paycheck into their...

Taxes and the Ex-dividend Date

Jan 16, 2008
Question: When selling a stock or bond mutual fund, is it better to: Wait a few days to the Ex-Dividend date, receive the dividend and sell at the...
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Jan 15, 2008
Question: I will finish my Ph.D. in June 2008 in business. Because my income over the past five years has been variable (from unpredictable...

Financial Information Over the Phone

Jan 14, 2008
Question: I got a personal call from my bank the other day: they lowered their interests rates and could give me a home equity loan for 7.5% ... as...
Posted In: banking

Trading Stocks and Taxes

Jan 11, 2008
Question: I'm a weekly listener via podcasts and thank you for all the good advice. So the question: My co-worker mentioned that I could trade my...
Posted In: Investing, Taxes

IRA or Vacation?

Jan 10, 2008
Question: Ten years ago, I left my previous employer with a 401K worth $2,500 and invested the money in an IRA. Its value at the time of this e...
Posted In: retirement savings

Student Loans

Jan 9, 2008
Question: A few weeks ago you advised a woman with a college-age daughter that there was not a big advantage to paying off her student loan early....

How Safe Are Money Market Funds?

Jan 8, 2008
Question: In the past few years of following the financial news and your program, I've come to see the Money Market fund as a stable place for...
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Retiring in Europe

Jan 7, 2008
Question: My wife and I are 60 and plan to retire at 62. My question is this: We're considering selling our home upon retirement and basically...
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