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Treasury Direct

Feb 1, 2008
Question: I am rather new investor, and am interested in buying the T-Bills from Treasury Direct website. I am particularly interested in the short...
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College Choice

Jan 31, 2008
Question: My son, a high school senior, was accepted to one of Minnesota's private colleges. We have been fortunate in that we invested over the...
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Fellowships and IRAs

Jan 30, 2008
Question: My husband and I are currently on National Research Council fellowships, working at a government lab. The nature of the fellowship is...
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Jan 29, 2008
Question: I purchased my house three years ago with a 5-year ARM and a second mortgage to cover the down payment. My credit was (and is) good, and...
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Too Much Debt

Jan 28, 2008
Question: I'm ashamed to say that I am one of those Americans who have used credit cards to make ends meet. Mostly they've been used for moving...
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IRS Email

Jan 25, 2008
Question: This e-mail appeared in my in-box and I want to verify whether or not it's legitimate. The language seems off and I don't know any reason...
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The Market Fall-Out

Jan 24, 2008
Question: Help! I retired a couple years ago and the market was going up. Now it's going down, down, and more down. How do I stabilize my savings...
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Refinancing Mortgage

Jan 23, 2008
Question: Hi, I have an ARM which is just adjusted to 5.75% (and it'll increase to 8.5% next December). I owe $120,000 on this. I have a 2nd...
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Market turmoil and 403(B) Contributions

Jan 22, 2008
Question: I am thinking of increasing my 403(b) contributions to lessen my tax obligations. However, I am concerned about increasing my...
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Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday

Jan 21, 2008
An important day for remembrance. I'll be back answering questions tomorrow.